The 5 Worst Diets in 2018

For nearly a century, individuals have been struggling to lose weight, and every year a new diet emerges promises to shed those extra pounds. A sensible approach is to consume fewer calories and increase physical activity which is common knowledge. It ceases to amaze, the bevy of mind-boggling diets promoted to individuals online. I have assembled a list of the worst diets promoted in 2018 from crazy to craziest. I base my rankings

5th Place Worst–Diet-Health Maintenace Resources
This diet approaches weight loss with the use of shakes, bars, and whole-grain oatmeal. The participants would also incorporate healthy fruits and vegetable. the die did produce weight loss but was pricey and restrictive.

4th Place Worst Diet–Acid Alkaline Diet
The diet places emphasis on foods and water which is alkaline, participants have to buy special water from facility to drink. the diet did produce some weight loss but not substantial; the products needed become a burden to participants.

3rd Place Worst Diet–Macrobiotic Diet
This diet achieves health and balance with intake of biotics to improve health and vitality. Participants are given guidelines to intake certain biotics for health. the weight loss wasn’t as significant as other programs and was kinda pricey. This diet is a challenge to follow due to the need to purchase biotics frequently.

2nd Place Worst Diet–The Fast Diet
As the name implies, participants have options to how they fast. They can change duration or frequency of the fast. The premise is that fasting produces healthy hormones in individuals which are beneficial for health. Participants did experience some weight loss but the program was difficult to maintain due to extreme hunger.

1st Place Worst Diet–The Raw Food Diet
This diet promotes consumption of raw food items because healthy enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process, and vitamin and minerals degrade above a temperature. They have variations of this with raw vegan but this diet even promotes the eating of raw meat. As you can imagine, many health experts don’t recommend the practice of consuming raw meat due to risk food-borne illnesses. This diet is very difficult to maintain.

In conclusion, A diet plan should include all an individual daily macronutrients as well as micronutrients. These diets plans are deficient in this basic body requirements for health with consumption of any of these plans could cause serious impact on health over time. While taking for a short-time may result in weight loss, this doesn’t necessarily indicate the plan is healthy. A diet produces weight loss but very difficult to follow, isn’t doing anyone any favors. A good diet program should be easy to follow, meet nutrition needs.