How a Fitness Group Will Help Your Workout Routine

If you’re anything like me, you hate to get up and exercise. You can really drag your feet about it. But once you get up and do it, you realize that it makes you feel so better, gives you so much more energy, and generally makes you feel much healthier.

So how can we motivate ourselves to exercise every day? By joining a fitness community. What does this mean? It could mean joining a gym. It could mean joining up with a group of hikers every week. It could mean beginning a zumba class or a cycling class. Studies show that we all work out harder and more consistently when we are a part of a fitness community than when we are working out alone.

Working out with a group of people keeps us motivated and inspired. When you aren’t feeling like going, your friend can give you a call and force you out of bed. When your friend doesn’t feel like going, you can give her a call. You two can inspire and motivate each other.

Working out with a group of people keeps us accountable. When you know that people are expecting you to show up at that aerobics class, you are more likely to go than if you only had to hold yourself accountable. When you know that there is always someone who is going to bust your butt if you don’t show up, you will be more likely to do so.

Working out with a group of people helps our intentions become reality. Studies show that you are much more likely to achieve a goal when you tell others you are trying to achieve it. Telling others exactly where you are trying to go will help you to end up there.

Working out in a group helps us to achieve victories that do not involve numbers on a scale. Just showing up is reason for a high five from your friend, and that will make you feel great. Contributing to a group goal will help you to feel like you are accomplishing even more than you are accomplishing on your own.